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The Conspiracy Within a Conspiracy

by madha (follow)
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A look at secret political groups and religions.

This is beyond what they would have you think.

I’m sure we’ve all heard the popular scuttlebutt surrounding the Illuminati and their affiliation with the New World Order… and I have a theory; what if the Illuminati and New World Order have nothing to do with each other? Feared, yet largely misunderstood.

Yes, I dare say that we are completely unaware of what the Illuminati really is. I believe the groups leading us in the direction towards a New World Order have actually made damn sure we are left in the dark, the truth being hidden from us even though it is right in front of our faces!

Allow me to illuminate or enlighten (the direct definition of Illuminati) you to this surreptitious affair…

Unveiling the Illuminati:
As you now know the definition of the otherwise very mysterious term, illumination doesn’t have anything to do with world domination or controlling the masses.

Furthermore, I believe the Illuminati organization actually supports the freedom of human kind and if you are at all familiar with the New Age Movement, these spiritual and rather peaceful people are revolutionizing human kind with the rekindled flame of free love and enlightenment first encountered in the 1960’s and 70’s.

While I will not deny that the free love era came hand in hand with many people experimenting with hallucinogens, there most certainly is something to be said for expanding one’s consciousness. No matter how you do it. This enlightening, or illumination, is exactly what Buddha did and so many after him.

Now, if there wasn’t something to it, do you really think so many people would follow his footsteps? Same as Jesus; if he in fact did not do what it is told he could do.. healing with his hands, walking on water, etc., do you think a whole religion would be based upon his actions? Not to mention one of the largest followed religions on the planet? The American culture is based off Christianity. Just as India’s culture is very much revolved around the teachings of Buddha.

New World Order:
My evaluation of this movement is that it is an organization which is trying to literally rule the world. Under one law. America will cease to be America and Britain will no longer be Britain, Mexico would no longer be Mexico, so on and so forth. These world leaders want to combine their forces to be “unstoppable”.

If they succeed in doing this, we are becoming the monster that many countries with oppressive governments have been fighting against for so long. This would become a communist planet. And these are the people saying that enlightenment and expansion of consciousness is a bad thing.

Using fear tactics to keep us controllable and easily manipulated. They will say that it is for the best for all people and that they will keep you safe. I have a feeling the only thing they want to keep safe is their gold lined pockets and billion dollar industries. What would happen to all the colors and cultures of our beautiful world?

I strongly believe that a New World Order, to this degree, would aim to deteriorate our individuality and uniqueness entirely to create a robotic society without life, where everything is perfectly maintained and manicured by some really rich guy, becoming just another pyramid scheme. It’s the equivalent to producing all GMO food or growing all indoors marijuana where individually there is no unique quality, no originality… that, my friends, sounds like hell.

So what about that three letter word, GOD? Sometimes ignored, maybe even feared but more so, often understood as a male religious figure who is judgmental and sends you to heaven or hell. To paradise or eternal damnation… makes agnostic people look a little less crazy for hating religion. But if you remove all religious aspects surrounding GOD, what does it mean then, if there is no hell?

How about if hell is depression, oppression and suppression and heaven is peace and happiness? What if it is right here on earth waiting to be found? Already within your heart, just waiting to be felt?

An even better theory: what if hell is what you make it and so is heaven? What if your individual belief on this is what makes it what it is for you? It can be whatever you wish to experience because we live in a world where you create your reality.

Let me ask you now, if the Illuminati isn’t this monster organization that it’s made out to be, and the leaders of the government systems is… that ultimately leaves us, WE THE PEOPLE, in charge. It’s not a communist planet, yet.

If illumination - enlightenment - is the goal and the leaders of our countries are intentionally keeping us from said goal by using fear tactics, they are the opposing force and we can render them powerless instead of the other way around. To do this we all have to move out of a space of fear and into a place of complete awareness, or illuminati and stand together for our freedom, for our individuality to save our cultures and begin to really make a difference and establish peace on earth again.

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