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Education Anarchy

by Lisa Morgan (follow)
A writer who also reads waaaay too much.
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Not just a political ideal.

School systems and education anarchy - a case for unschooling
Education Anarchy - finding a way to learn without the mass schooling system

Imagine a world without school, where children are allowed complete and total freedom in their learning.

Before you bring mental shutters down on the idea, consider the modern debate of how schools are failing kids and the arguments over how and why this is happening. One article talks about the educational system being outdated for modern society. There is much talk of school reform and band-aid solutions to try and improve educational outcomes for schools.

Sometimes it is simply more economical and intelligent to scrap an enterprise or project that is costly and which is just not working despite attempts to fix the problems associated with it. This won’t happen as there is too much invested in schools because the education system is a part of the struts of our society. What would we do with all these empty buildings, teachers, government departments, and children if we were to dismantle the entire school system as it currently stands?

Society would come to a grinding halt as parents lost their public babysitting system is the first thought which comes to mind.

Such thoughts are designed to stops people from thinking further on the idea of scrapping school altogether. Governments want productive societies and workers, and strongly dislike the idea of little anarchists running around because little anarchists grow up to be big anarchists. We are conditioned by society to accept school as fundamentally important and essential for raising children properly.

For those of you who don’t know what anarchy is and liken it to terrorist philosophy, it is a word used to describe an absence of systematic rule, an absence of government or other authority, where there is absolute freedom of the individual. Due to the absence of any sort of controlled rule in the concept of anarchy, many people believe this means disorder and chaos will ensure and that this is bad for societies.

No disorder and chaos here, just an appreciation of life

Parents who home educate have the option of scrapping conventional educational and systematic thought altogether and choosing different ways to educate. A very small percentage of homeschoolers will be “school at home” homeschoolers where children sit at a desk and learn according to a time table with the parent as the teacher. This percentage is so small most homeschoolers won’t know anyone who does this. The ones who have opted to educate outside of even the home education box are the home educating anarchists… only they are called unschoolers or natural learners.

Unschoolers operate on the idea self directed learning and learning autonomy is the best way to obtain a high quality education which is relevant for the child. Unschooling is about children finding their own place in the world, and learning what they need to accomplish their goals, while also picking up a repository of general knowledge about the world they live in.

Anarchy in education already exists. Unschoolers are proof of that.

Anarchist chooks having a freerange education too
Anarchist chooks having a free range education too

Take it a step further. Go back to imagining a world without the school system in it. A radical shift in perspective is needed to do this. Societies would need to include children instead of exclude them from having a place in the real world.

There are many isolated cultures and tribes of people where children are active participants in life, learning required knowledge and skills as they go. If these so called uncivilised peoples can manage to raise their children with an education (one highly relevant to said culture), why are we failing so badly at our own? Perhaps it is because we are relying on an outdated system to educate and raise our children for us.

What does a world without school look like to you?

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