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Collecting the anti-mundane to challenge conformity and disturb the too-comfortable. Come write for us!

About bLaCk shEEp

by Lisa Morgan (follow)
A writer who also reads waaaay too much.
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bLaCk shEEp stands in challenge of conformity. What it means to comply with prevailing social standards, attitudes and practices, in one culture can be drastically different from another culture.

This makes conformity a cultural concept - something everyone should take a moment to consider if confronted by controversial issues. When individuals in a group challenge the prevailing standard of the group, they are seen as black sheep - people who have upset the status quo.

This is what bLaCk shEEp is about - upsetting the status quo, comforting the disturbed and disturbing the comfortable. If this concept were to be summed up in one word only, that one would would be T.H.I.N.K. (yes in capitals and with the pretty full stops).

Consider the following;

It takes many individuals to bring about change.
When we look back to historical times where the status quo was challenged and subsequently changed, we also see how difficult and resistant humans are to change.

Even after Columbus convinced some people to sail with him around the world, on their return many people still insisted on believing the world was flat. This is no different today with research showing that medical practice is years behind evidence based care and that physicians are resistant to change, not following guidelines and teaching medical students ingrained habits and beliefs. To encourage change across a culture or society, many individuals need to step up.

When we keep questioning, we are better positioned to display critical thinking.

New concepts, ideas, approaches all spark growth, creativity and innovation - some of the most famous people known throughout the ages were considered pariahs and black sheep in their time.

The lemming mentality benefits the controller/leader/governement, not the individual (nor the herd).
Enough said.

The power lies in the people not governments, corporations or entities - which is something most of us have forgotten.

When women and men are apathetic and too-comfortable, they hand over their power and allow themselves to be governed into a corner where freedoms begin to be taken away. A box is built around us without us noticing until one day some of us run headfirst into the walls of the box. Black sheep are the ones who want out.

The media is full of illusions lending to the belief if we work hard enough, vote hard enough, and pay off that mortgage, we can get ourselves out of this box.

“I love the rat race!” said nobody ever.

The mundane becomes a black hole sucking the life out of life. Monotonous nine to fivers stuck in traffic at the same time each day, one wonders why they even bother. Yes we know, money is essential to life and to live or do things in this society, we need money and so we must work for it.

Well, bLaCk shEEp says “%^@$ that $#!^”. There is always another way(s), and all of them involve changing one’s worldview. So here we go…

#The bLaCk shEEP Guide
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