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7 Works of Unconventional Art

by Lisa Morgan (follow)
A writer who also reads waaaay too much.
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Growing sprouts in a keyboard
Nature meets technology - growing sprouts in a keyboard! Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Forget the pencils and paint.

Some of the best art out there is made unconventional by the use of unusual mediums. From toilet paper and pencil shavings to blood and mirrors, there is no limit once the world becomes your craftbox.

Although I’m not too sure about the idea of shooting up a car to create artistic flowers from bullet holes, or making sculptures from excrement (yes that means poo…). Art is meant to invoke thought, emotion, and discussion so if these things get the job done, then the goal is accomplished.

Artists who think outside the box come up with some amazing ideas, such as alternative flooring made from brown paper, glue and polyurethane. Read more here on brown paper floors.

As more people opt in for decorating their bodies with tattoos, it becomes less unconventional of a medium. However Ondřej Konupčík, better known as Ondrash has brought some unconventionality back into the tattooing medium with his unique new watercolour style. His tattoos look like art you’d see in a museum being sold for exorbitantly high prices.

“It’s not vulgar, its vulva!” announces Jamie McCartney’s website. This man has decided to confront the world with his “Great Wall of Vagina” art (and yes it is exactly that, a wall of many different vulvas casted by McCartney). It definitely is art which challenges and encourages a shift in perspective on the wide range of uniqueness in women’s bodies.

Even the sea can be used as an art medium with the help of some sugar based dyes. A photographer, Arnaud Lajeunie created colourful explosions of the ocean smashing up against cliffs to create unusual photogenic art (I guess some people haven’t heard of Photoshopping it).

Growing sprouts in a keyboard
Being bored at work creates some unconventional artists. This one thought bananas were an apt medium for drawing monkeys. Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Perhaps the art project of Russian art studio, Brain Mash isn’t very deep or thoughtful, but it most certainly makes up for it in the fun department. The Mash 3D exhibition is designed to invite viewers of art to interact with their art. It is something you just have to see for yourself if you’re someone who wants the chance to play at being a superhero smashing a bolt of energy at the villain.

If artistic houses are desired, cob is the way to go. A mixture of earth, straw and clay makes cob an incredibly organic medium to sculpt with. Given the self supporting strength of cob, it is possible to sculpt shapes which can’t be supported with conventional buildings.Why not sculpt your own home?

Last of all but not the least, and most certainly not the end of the countless of other unconventional art and artists out there, is Polish artist Pawel Kuczynsk. His paintings may be done using conventional mediums but they are unconventional in the social issues they address. The problems posed in these Kuczynski paintings challenge viewers to consider the implications of issues such as Facebook, poverty, politics and slave labour more deeply.

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